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     JW’s Wine Cellar is the creative vision of Jake Wells, Jr, who was born and raised in the Crown Point community located in West Dayton, Ohio.  Winemaking isn’t new to Jake by any means.  As a young child, Jake recalls roaming the neighborhood looking for used bottles to bring home to his grandmother. This is where he first learned the careful and skillful methods of winemaking. This time shared with his grandmother planted the seed of the Wells entrepreneurial spirit and cultivated a love for the art of winemaking.







     What started out as a hobby in the kitchen of his home in Englewood, Ohio, has quickly turned into a growing business. In the beginning, Jake gave gifts of his signature wine to friends and family. Praises and popularity grew and request started coming in and JW’s Wine Cellar was born. This homegrown, urban wine maker is everyone’s favorite uncle, grandfather, brother and will treat you like family and assist on making your event spectacular by providing personalized labels for your favorite selection of his signature wines.  JW’s Wine Cellar aims to please all of our clients by providing a wide selection of signature wines.



     Jake proudly proclaims that his family is his biggest achievement and that in which he is most proud. He and his wife Linda of 13 years share 5 children and 9 grandchildren. They are the foundation to their continuing legacy.  


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